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Dutchess county plumbing service-If you are in a bind and need a emergency plumber look no further. We can handle your request in a timely fashion and get your home back to normal.

Here are something to watch out for in your home. One of the most important things you need to be aware of that most homeowners do not think about is your washing machine hoses. You should replace these hoses every 5 years.

I know they say that they last longer, but with the lack of quality of products that are coming into the market today. I feel I can safely say 5 years to change them unless you notice them leaking ,dripping sooner. This can be “major catastrophic plumbing and interior problem ” if they burst.

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They seem to like to burst when nobody is at home. Just think of a water hose running at free will in your home will you are out at the store. Only to come home and hear the water running or see it dripping through a ceiling. I’m sorry to use this phrase- “But this really sucks!” Not only do you have to find the main shut off on the house to stop the water from flooding the house Any further, but have a major clean-up.

The other problem you are probably not aware of is the mold that is about to grow in area’s that can not dry quickly, like in between the floors were you can not see. Another major under taking, all because nobody was warned to change the washing machine hoses.

You can find them at the local plumbing supply store or a home depot. for under $20.00. A very low price compared to the nightmare it can create, if not changed.


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