Water treatment

Water Treatment Dutchess ,Putnam, Westchester county NY

Water treatment -Dutchess

Water treament is becoming more and more in demand in the last decade. This is do to the last building boom as well new finding in the some treatment application. We are offer hands on expertise on water treatment for your home.

The Sonical™ Water Treatment device is engineered to eliminate or minimize scale build-up that causes damage to equipment and decreases energy efficiency, and eliminate bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms from a water system without the addition of harmful chemicals.The new second generation technology has gone from increasing the range of electric fields it generates from 5MHz to 200MHz.

Do not let anybody come to your home and tell you what you need unless they have an extensive review of your area as well implementing proper water testing.

We Give you Cutting Edge Water technology , for today’s water problems! We are leading The WAY